Peter Kennard

Here is an unculled list of projects and jobs over the last 30 years. It downplays years of work in the fields of industrial design, lighting, and architecture. My experience is mainly a montage of freelance work often integrating a number of "formal" categories and disciplines both creative and technical. I have found all of my experiences in some part relevant to whatever I have done. Many projects were concurrent, and dates are not mutually exclusive. I was a W2 employee at Edison Price, Colin Hochstin, Ur Studios, Digital Image Design, and Progress City.

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01/2011 - 01/2015, employee, now contractor to Didi and others as of Jan 1, 2015.

For Digital Image Design High performance interface design, implementation and project management for promotional demostrations and deployment at major financial institutions.  Java, Ruby and C++, Managed integration of Indian and Eastern European outsourced development teams.
01/2011 - spring, consulting

For Walkzak & Heiss Programming for reactive LED sculpture, and interactive graphics for Thought Balloons

02/2009 - 01/2011, Consultant - Developer, Perceptive Pixel Inc.111 8th Ave, 16th fl. NY., NY.

Development of high performance realtime interactive graphics software using C++ and OpenGL for large scale multi-touch screens for broadcast tv, industry, and DOD customers.

09/2006 - 02/2009, Lead Developer - Project Manager, Airo Wireless Inc.12 Piedmont Center, Suite 205, Atlanta Ga.

Development of Windows Mobile handset applications and IP,SMS,com stack and firmware level services for A25 handset and j2ee server side web and networking applications for realtime messaging and location based web accessable secure services and fleet handset management.

02/2004 - 09/2006, Research Scientist, New York University Media Research Lab. 719 Broadway, New York, NY.

Research in the field of media software, medical imageing systems, and embedded systems software. Worked on development prototype large scale FTIR based multi-touch screens now being marketed by Perceptive Pixel inc.

11/2001 - 02/2004 Consulting, Design and art related projects, New York NY.

Design of Robeto Juarez's Kitchen, Continued work with Qube inc. on interactive 3D navigation for Qstudio. Creation of GUI software and coordination of creative and technical for The Dialog Interactive Table. currently at The Walker Art Center. Design and construction of A Stone Floor in Canaan NY., and Cabinets in Annapolis Md. Development of firmware and work on the desgn of IRDA "pins" used in Trace Encounters presented at Ars Electronica 2004.

05/01 - 11//01 Progress City, Santa Monica Ca.

Work for Progress City as a manager coordinating interactive architectural media projects. Continued work through 09/02 on a consulting basis.

10/1998 - 06/2000 Ur Studios, Santa Monica Ca.

Work on a proposed Open Source 3d distruibution system called "Gel". Work with Qube inc. in London on 3d driver layer and other aspects of the Qube system. Low level work on the "Graph" evaluation engine being architected by Mike Roberts for Gel.  Continued work for Ur on a freelance basis.

09/1997 - 10/1998 Consulting

Animation system work for First Virtual Holdings inc San Diego. (Vads applet system). One of those flash in the pan .com startups.  Work on a 3d data graph visualization system, built on the Direct3d java bindings, with Mike Roberts in Encinitas, Ca.

05/1995 - 09/1997 aRt&D Lab

I was a partner in creating and operating this startup company. Originally a blend between a video game company, a performance visuals company, and a Web Design company. I designed the corporate identity, was responsible for the design and construction of the offices and worked on advanced graphics software. While engaged there, I Produced a product debut event and party for S3 inc, in spring 1996., performed technical and design work on games - MortalKombatIII for windows95, DescentII, and Azraels's Tear, and also worked on the Java DirectX API for Microsoft, and other game and web browser related projects.

02/1993 - 05/1995 Venue project, bits of consulting

A self financed project to create a media distribution system intended as the foundation of VRML. It was similar to Java in many ways. After a basic prototype was produced, I suspended the project following the alpha announcement of Java and when Open Inventor was adopted as VRML 1.0. I helped produce Labyrinth, a demo of pre-VRML, and later consulted for Intervista to help produce the initial demo of their VRML browser.

02/92 - 02/93 Caligari Corporation Mountain View Ca.

Led team to rewrite my prior Caligari software for the Amiga and re-design the interface to produce a prototype version of TrueSpace(r) for Windows(r), shown at Comdex fall, 1992. TrueSpace is a highly intuitive mouse driven 3 dimensional object modeler. TrueSpace is intended primarily for use in conceptual design and the production of video animation and computer simulations. The Prototype was favorably reviewed in Byte magazine, and has been on the market since.

10/1991 - 02/1992 Freelance jobs.

Hung a benifit art show for Open Hand showing the works of Alex Baker, San Fracisco. Halloween decor and "flying ghost" illuminated props for Bill Graham Presents (BGP) Halloween concert at the Oakland Coloseum. Christmass "wall" installation for the BGP Warfield Theatre. Lighting for photo exhibition at Greens restaurant for Zen hospice benefit. Lighting environs in "chill" rooms for rave party events.

09/1989 - 10/1991 Autodesk Animator Pro progect.

Partnership with Jim Kent (Dancing Flame Co.), Mill Valley Ca. to design and produce the Autodesk Animator Pro software marketed by Autodesk inc. Developed video card and image file driver specs, created windowing and user interface system. Converted old Animator 1.0 to use same. Implelemented approximately 1/2 of new code and features. I worked mostly from my own office with meetings at Autodesk about once a week.

08/1988 - 09/1989 Small projects, Hit the road.

Small construction jobs. Assistant at Tamarind Institute Albuquerqe N.M. for an art lithograph print project. Construction work in Palm Desert Ca. Moved to San Francisco. Personal art projects. Small software jobs

07/1986 - 08/1988 Product developement for Octree Software inc. New York, NY:

Managed UI design and software developement for a three dimensional object design and animation rendering system marketed as "Caligari" for the AMIGA PC. During this period I renovated a kitchen, Hung an art show for the Bleeker Street Gallery NYC., produced lighting fixtures sold through Clodagh-Ross-Williams 122 st. Marks Pl. NYC., and Took a course in Dye transfer (photographic) printing at the Anderson Ranch art center in Aspen Colorado.

11/1985 - 07/1986 More projects.

7/86 For Dental Care of America inc. Dallas Tx., investigated and wrote a report on the feasability of digital Dental Xray archiving and transmission. 9/85 For Robert Miller Gallery of NYC Set up a PC database inventory control system for photography departement, Lighting for art shows, built some odd-shaped stretchers and installed hydronic heating for Roberto Juarez NYC.

04/85 - 11/85 Consultant to Citicorp 153 ea 53rd st. NYC.

"$treet$ense" project. Using "C" on a Stratus computer: Coded an electronic mail system. Designed and coded a multi feed ticker line reader using FTPS. Converted code from PL1 to C, and created ticker line error correcting protocol handlers and formatters. Five exchange ticker feeds were implemented. Big job, they paid well, but they were ahead of their time trying to create Ebay before the web.

09/81 - 03/85 Started Entec design. Independent work for many clients

Designed and installed large scale audio-video systems for clients in the New York City area. Freelance lighting man for small industrial videos. Several small architectural and interior design jobs. Projects for CG animation houses for entertainment. For Aquanix of San Francisco worked on design of an electronic sensor controlled water faucet. Installed small office computer networks (novell etc),  Developed data entry interfaces for PCs in "C" for Harcourt Brace Johanovich, NYC. Designed and coded patent law office client/server applications using MDBS III database system. Converted Dbase II files to an HP-3000 database. For a trucking company, implemented a shipping rate and client database on an HP-1000 computer.

12/1979 - 09/1981 Graphic Designer - Production Manager. Mansfield division of Colin, Hochstin Co., New York

Hired to re-design the look of the Mansfield Chart service, design a corporate image, and direct mail ads. I was promoted to the equivalent of CTO under the CEO and created a prototype system for the distribution of financial graphics to smart Microcomputer client terminals. Reorganized graphics department to use new digital layout and design techniques and direct database input to typographic systems for the improved production of stock charts. Developed order tracking and inventory control system for printing operations. During this period I took 5 courses in computer science at New York University.

01/1978 - 12/1979 Freelance work and school.

Design of audio systems for night clubs in NYC. Freelance multi-media special effects and lighting work for record company promotions at studio 54 NYC, (strange days) Lighting for fashion shows, weddings, etc. Lighting operator at various clubs on saturdays and continued lighting design for Bergdorf Goodman and other clients in NYC.

06/1977 - 12/1978 Industrial designer for Edison Price Inc., 409 East 60th st. New York, N.Y.

Designed lighting equipment and production tooling. Performed photometric and thermal testing of fixtures, and took photographs for company catalogs. During this period, as a freelancer, I designed lighting for the 5th avenue and 57th st. windows of Bergdorf Goodman which continued for 2 more years, ran lights for downtown NYC clubs, and consulted on lighting for interior design firms.

06/1975 - 06/1978 Youthful adventures

Ran Maintenance shop, and woodworking classes for the Farm and Wilderness foundation in Plymouth Vermont. Renovated a townhouse. Assembled and operated a 3 camera Video production unit. helped initiate a program to coax campus buildings, and serviced AV equipment for American University in Washington D.C. Designed interior for Fast Buck Freddies retail store of Key West Fla. Renovated an old building in Key West. Moved to New York. Designed interior for a Manhattan vintner. Freelance photo assistant work. Designed apartment renovations and custom audio-video systems. Produced 2 multi-media slide and audio presentations for Atlantis divers world of NYC. Audio production work for Mastrangelo productions, NYC. Had a small non speaking part as a driver for a Japanese film documentary about the United States and Japan during WW-II.

05/1972 - 06/1975 College and Work

Photographic department intern for the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. Set up and built AV equipment for student union concerts and events at the University of Pa. Projectionist for film department (free movies!) built automated reel changeover system so I could watch them. Edited audio tapes for Philadelphia based NPR news correspondent. Miscelaneous construction work.

The sixties - 05/1972 Prep school etc.

One of 5 founding members of TV club at Bethesda Chevy Chase high school. We took over a room, built a B&W TV studio, and produced a weekly live variety show. I built a simple "SEG" to do switching, wipes and fades. I built a backyard foundery to cast recycled aluminum ecology symbols to benifit the Washington Ecology Center. Surveyed foundations for a drive in bank contractor one summer. Was a member of the Boy Scouts and pursued environmentally conscious wilderness camping.


Microprocessor Technology - New York University
Physics/Electrical Engineering - University of Pennsylvania
Architecture and Design - Pratt Institute, New York.