Peter's software acronym pile.

In no particular order.

ECLIPSE A very good rapidly improving open source IDE system great for Java and other languanges.
RUBY+RAKE to create a “rake” based build system.
JAVASCRIPT, LAMP, AJAX A relatively non scalable client side programming system, that has been used for more than it ever was intended to do because it is available. I wrote a google maps like tiled image browser with it.
FORTRAN for physics in school,
COBOL in a CS class, at Mansfield I actually wrote a module in COBOL to control a laser printer with a serial interface
(COBOL was never designed to do that)
APL for engineering in school.
BASIC I used it on cheap game machines and HP mini computers
(note for a job I had to write a call return stack structure
in basic to enable a large database application to be developed
for a consulting job, all I had was BASIC)
Z80 ASSEMBLER for an embedded systems class
8080 -> 80XXX intel asembler for all sorts of PC glue and interfacing and
realtime interrupt modules. I stay away from it when better
labor saving tools make the job easier.
680XX assembler, Work on the AMIGA. Many small optimized bits for Caligari.
EMBEDDED SYSTEMS A number of odd proprietary instruction sets for various
chips and devices. Some for video drivers for Animator Pro.
ATMEL AVR ARDUINO Small 8 to 32 bit microprocessors useful for many embedded gadgets.
REALTIME SOFTWARE for IO DRIVER development for PCs, graphics, embedded micros, video
POSTCRIPT for programming printers at Mansfield Charts
FORTH I decided to learn the roots of postscript,
as a geek I wrote an interpreter etc.
C My first commercial job was in "C" to do app on HP 3000 in 1982
OBJECTIVE C I like many encountered a Next machine ...
C++ I'm Probably considerd of "guru" status here -
quite messy and lacks a good object and memory model but useful
to build others out of - standard across platforms.
SMALLTALK I have done some work in it but not extensive.
ML Interesting ideas but not highly practical for most uses.
MS-DOS It was there.
WINDOWS Can one avoid it? (why DirectX was needed ...)
COM Likewise, aRt&D Lab created Java/COM bindings for DirectX
under contract to MS
ACTIVEX Com objects to be plugged into internet explorer and
visual basic etc.
OOP Most often the best way to keep track of complex stuff.
with Autodesk Animator I created at the system level a
loader dynamic linker with an interface and dynamic binding
protocol for managing and devloping Animator Plugins.
Since No
C++ compilers worked
at the time I built a polymorphic object manager which we
created the program in.
DOS BATCH I did many things with it it was never designed to do. :)
BASH unix stuff, have been using Cygwin on Windows for last 5 years
PERL Not a Guru but have made useful programs and debugged modules.
XML/text support.
XML I Built a parser and some processing code. Learned the spec in
detail, realized the Binary proposals had been hijacked
by the WAP community that ignored the more general uses.
It is the way of interfacing with the profusion of XML formatters
and transaction systems that have evolved.
JAVA I have done extensive work with Java.
Still inadequate on the client side for realtime media,
It is now king of fault tolerant transaction servlets.
AWT Good for windows and buttons,
not adequate for glitch free realtime media.
JDK One way to make java
VISUAL CAFE Another way to do Java
VIRTUAL MACHINES I understand Java, FORTH, SMALLTALK and a few other VMs
I created my Venue
VM system intended for VRML
VRML Though I helped create it, I have used it very little, but could.
I wrote Intervista's first
VRML display engine.
MAKE (Gnu and others) I had to build my projects, the most
significant build was for Gel, which became the Qube software
build environment. I reverse engineered the
project files so I could create scripts to generate them
from the makefiles.
CVS Managing an open source project necesitates managing CVS.
PHARLAP OS-EXTENDER Obsolete, swallowed by Redmond.
PL1 Used it on a unix box at Citibank. I had to interface C with it.
LATTICE C The first
VISUAL C++ DeFacto
BORLAND C++ Early and fast
WATCOM C++ The best optimiser
HIGH C, C++ Should I say haute C - user unfriendly
GCC G++ Reference standard, used on Linux and PCs
LISP/SCHEME I did work at Autodesk, it was a while ago.
LINGO I Developed Kiosk software for Progress City in Director
FLASH Discovered the joys of yet another incoherant
ACTIONSCRIPT highly constrained hard to "project manage" client
programming system :)
HTML Havn't done too much with it, I let others like dreamweaver do it.
DHTML Better, I poked at it, but let others do the grunt work.
UNIX Some experience. I do what I have to have maintained my own
Linux servers for various things. A few firewalls, and
the show control system for Progress City's project.
POSIX One API used to program UNIX
XWINDOWS Not much experience, but I have used it to open OpenGL screens.
and put up some buttons.
OPENGL Very rapidly got above it into things written on top of it.
DIRECT3D I was part of the group that forced MS to create it.
Later we at aRt&D contracted with MS to upgrade it for them.
DBMS Almost all software has a database.
RDBMS Nice to relate bits of data to one another most of this I
did doing consulting for banks in NYC in the 80s though with
now obsolete packages like "FOCUS" dbaseIII, MDBS etc. I
havn't done much of the current SQL/ORACLE things but they do
the same jobs.
CAD Minor experience, I learned "mechanical drawing" with
pencils - but would one truely design anything without a
computer nowdays?
PHOTOSHOP I finally bought the bullet and stopped using
AutodeskAnimator and my own software 8 years ago.
3DMAX I have written plugins for it, havn't done extensive modelling
but know where to begin, direct others.
RENDERMAN A Rendering project in a land far away.
QUARK I have had occasion to lay out things for print.
TCP/IP The packet express.
NETWORKING I have implemented a number of standard TCP/IP protocols
in various contexts. NTP, HTTP and some others. I know the

and of course

Peter K.