... is a west coast based creative producer specializing in information architecture and online project development and production. She works closely with the client, design and technology teams to access, re-design and rapidly prototype online sites.

Her efforts in networked virtual reality were funded by the National Science Foundation through the University of Illinois' Electronic Visualization Lab. In 1993 Coco co-founded the CitySpace Project, a virtual 3D city model built collaboratively by kids across the Internet. Best known as creator of SIGKids, a multi-million dollar hands-on learning laboratory bringing together industry, research, and academia, she has collaborated on the design and implementation of programs for clients such as Scholastic, The Computer Museum in Boston, The Ontario Science Center, and The San Francisco Exploratorium.

As chair of SIGGRAPH '95 Interactive Committee, she also co-produced the Digital Circus, a digital production lab run by kids producing stories about their world, using art, music, video, and real-time performance hardware and software technologies. The event was multi-cast live, daily, via MBone from the exhibit show floor.

Conn's production experience draws on her 10 year role as vice-president and co-founder of Homer & Associates, a film, video, and CGI special effects production company in Hollywood since 1977 where she produced many award winning music videos. At Disney Online she produced The Internet Zone, a Location Based Entertainment exhibit and it's companion web site for the Innoventions' exhibit at Epcot. Recently, she worked with Young & Rubican's Online division on corporate intranet design and produced the companies first XML driven site. At Universal Studios Online, her team gave Pathways, the companies intranet used by over fifteen thousand employees world-wide, a much needed design and user-interface make-over.

VOX (323) 962.1662 COCO@CITYSPACE.ORG CELL (323) 376.5867